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Titel: GabsN - Stranger
Musiker: Gabriel Kazianschuetz
Votings: 29

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Die Hintergrundgeschichte zum Song: He woke up, opened his eyes, looked arround saw butterflys, doesen´t know who and where he is, maybe death gave him a kiss. Where is my soul, where is my mind I can see all, but i feel so blind. i like to scream shout it out Refrain: He feels like a stranger in a beautiful world. He is out of Time, ist hat what he deserves? He walked down a lonesome road no too far he spotted a boat Suddenly a Voice becomes loud, not from a Human, it comes from the clouds You are here for just one reason, you are here for a reason yeah thats true Please could you tell me, who i am Why do i exist, what is your plan? What ist the meaning of my whole life? Refrain.: .... Sail around the sea till the end of your days the answer you will find, on a journey you must go. Refrain.: